Teacher Gets District’s Littlest Students Off to a Good Start

The level of Kelsey Healy's energy and enthusiasm is incomparable. And it’s no wonder as for the past nine years she’s had to keep step with her students in the district’s prekindergarten program.  Oftentimes, it’s the first educational experience with Cuyahoga Heights Schools and Cuyahoga Heights Elementary School.  

“Mrs. Healey is a phenomenal teacher,” said Superintendent Tom Evans, who, at the February 22 Board Meeting, announced Mrs. Healy as this month’s Staff Spotlight recipient.  “Our Pre-K program is second to none. It’s a core example of the success we have at Cuyahoga Heights and Mrs.Healy does a fantastic job of getting those students started.”

Mrs. Healy was acknowledged for having an amazing home connection with her students’ families and for gaining the parents’ trust with their children.  She is patient, calm, warm, caring, and engaging, and parents know that she will advocate for their children and make sure they have everything they need to be successful.  “Keep your sense of humor close by,” said Mrs. Healy about her work ethic.  “Every day will bring about a new development, a new funny moment for everyone to laugh about, unexpected challenges, and who knows what else!”  She acknowledged that “the terrific people I get to work with,” including the staff and students' families, make her job much more pleasant. 

The Pre-K team of which Mrs. Healy is a big part, was singled out for their effort to earn the district’s Pre-K program a Five-Star distinction through the Ohio Step Up to Quality Program. Mrs. Healy is known for her extensive knowledge in education and her support of  fellow teachers as well the advice she offers on best practices and strategies for optimal learning. In May 2022 she received the Educational Service Center’s Excellence in Education Award for developing exemplary instructional strategies and creative programs to engage students with disabilities. She was recognized for advocating for students with disabilities and striving to place them in their least restrictive environments while enabling them to excel to their full potential. She was also recognized for providing expanded opportunities to keep preschoolers in the general education classroom when possible, for teaching her students how to navigate the school environment, and for showing them how to interface with their peers. A member of First Ring school and district groups, she shares her knowledge, expertise, and strategies with her colleagues. 

As engaged as she is with her teaching, she finds time to spend with her family and friends.  “I enjoy playing recreational sports, board games, vacationing and camping,” she said, and would love to visit Hawaii someday. Meanwhile her 13 (and counting) nieces and nephews keep her very busy.  Still, teaching remains close to her heart “Teaching is a serious job; but it's also a fun job. It's important to never lose sight of the joy of being with young children,” she concluded.