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School Counselor - Mrs. Satterlee

SOAR Lesson Topics for September


KINDERGARTEN: Meet the Counselor, School Success Skills - Manner, Listening

FIRST GRADE: Meet the Counselor, School Success Skills - Manners, Tattling

SECOND GRADE: Meet the Counselor, School Success Skills - Manners, Tattling

THIRD GRADE: Meet the Counselor, School Success Skills - Interrupting, Organizing

FOURTH GRADE: Meet the Counselor, School Success Skills - Organization and Academic Goal Setting


FIFTH GRADE: Meet the Counselor, School Success Skills - Organization and Academic Goal Setting

Letter from Mrs. Satterlee

Hello! I am the Elementary School Counselor at CHES. This is my 6th year in this position. Previously, I worked as a Family Advocate and a Substitute Teacher in Akron area schools for 11 years. I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Wittenberg University, and a Master's degree in Education (School Counseling) from The University of Akron.

My job is to deliver a comprehensive school counseling program, and I do that by working with students to address academic, career and social-emotional issues.

I teach weekly Guidance lessons to all Pre-K through 5th grade students on topics such as academic success skills, career awareness and exploration, stress management, cooperation and teamwork, and self-esteem.

I also hold several Lunch Bunches throughout the school year. Students sign up (with parent permission) to attend weekly sessions about Family Change, Grief and Loss, Stress Management, Self-Esteem, Study Skills and Friendship/Social Skills. Each group takes place during Recess and Lunch and lasts for 5 weeks. Students are grouped with others in their grade dealing with the same issues and are able to learn from each other.

In addition, I work individually with students to address any issues that are troubling them while at school, such as academic issues, friendship concerns or anything else that may be keeping them from focusing on school. I recieve referrals from teachers, parents and also from students themselves. 

Confidentiality is critical in my role when working with students. I stress to all students that what is said in my office, stays in my office. It is important for students to feel safe and comfortable to work through their concerns. However, students are aware that there are times when I have to break confidentiality:

  • when someone is hurting them
  • when they want to hurt someone else
  • when they want to hurt themselves

If one of these situations occurs, I will speak with administration and families in order to keep the student and others safe.

I am also available for consultation with teachers and families. I often work with teachers to address behavior concerns or academic difficulties. I am also the 504 coordinator for CHES, which means I work with teachers and families to create 504 plans to help eligible struggling students be successful and work to their highest potential.

I absolutely love my job, and I am so happy to have the opportunity to work with such amazing students, staff, families, and community members! Please contact me at any time with any questions or concerns regarding your child or the school counseling program at CHES.

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